Lower your energy bill by insulating your exterior walls

Benefits of Insulating Exterior Walls

When it comes to installing insulation in your home, the attic seems to get all the attention. This attention is warranted – after all, hot air rises and if it easily escapes through your roof, then your furnace is going to be running a lot more than it would otherwise. But the attic isn’t the only part of the home that can benefit from having insulation installed. For instance, insulating the exterior walls are just as important to lowering your energy bills as insulating the attic is. Here’s a look at why, as well as the benefits of doing so.

Why Insulate The Exterior Walls?

Insulating the exterior walls is beneficial for two main reasons when it comes to conserving energy:

  • It helps significantly with air sealing, so certain rooms don’t feel drafty when compared to others.
  • It helps to disrupt the heat loss/heat gain cycle that can occur year round.

While the former reason to insulate exterior walls is fairly self explanatory, the latter point may require a bit more explanation to understand. In the winter, improper sealing can cause heat to escape the house and cold air to come into the home, which isn’t great when it comes to energy conservation. Insulating exterior walls helps in the summer too, as the hot sun beats down on the house, warming it. Just as cold air can enter the house and hot air can escape it in the winter, the opposite can happen in the summer, putting a strain on the A/C unit and not doing any favors to your utility bills.

While there’s no real bad time to insulate the exterior walls, ideal times for convenience’s sake may include when you’re doing any major exterior home renovations, such as replacing the siding.

We listed the two main benefits of insulating the exterior walls as it pertains to conserving energy and saving you money on utilities, but there are other benefits too. These include:

  • Sound barrier: Good insulation doesn’t just prevent heat or cool air from escaping, it also creates a nice sound barrier between your home and whatever is happening outside. So with the right insulation, you’ll hear less outside commotion of cars going by, kids playing and dogs barking. It works both ways, too, as your neighbors won’t hear you cheering so loudly for your favorite sports team during the big game.
  • Energy tax credits: As if the ROI of installing insulation isn’t already attractive enough, it’s likely that any new insulation you add to your home qualifies for an “energy efficiency improvement” tax credit. You may even be able to get a grant for new home installation to further sweeten the pot.
  • Reduce moisture intrusion: Under the right conditions, a lack of proper insulation has the potential to cause moisture intrusion in the home. This can eventually lead to mold growth, which is an even bigger problem.

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