Blowing in Cellulose Insulation

Reduce Your Energy Bill With Insulation

Does it seem like your air conditioner is always running in the summer and your furnace always running in the winter, even when the thermostat is set at reasonable temperatures? Are icicles or ice dams forming on or around your gutters after a snow? Does your home feel drafty?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions – or to all of them – then it could be a sign that your home is poorly insulated. And a poorly insulated home is going to cost you.

Yes, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly half of the average American household’s utility bill is spent on heating and cooling costs. Fortunately, you can significantly reduce these costs by having new insulation installed in the home and experience return on investment for many years to come.

Just how much can you save by having insulation installed? Let’s take a look:

How Much Can I Save With Good Insulation?

Insulation prevents hot air from escaping through the attic and also helps to create a barrier along the exterior walls of your home, which also helps heat from escaping during the winter and your home from absorbing heat from the sun during the summer. Noting this, good insulation helps prevent rising heat from freely exiting the attic and it also helps offset the heat loss/heat gain cycle that occurs with the exterior walls of your home at all times of the year. What’s more is that insulating floors in places like your garage and basement crawl space can also help cool air from rising up into other areas of the home.

As you can see, insulation can play a very valuable role in your home’s energy usage (or lack thereof). Just how much can it save you? While savings is obviously impacted by your location, heating/cooling preferences and size of your home, here’s a general overview via for an average-sized U.S. home:

  • Heating/cooling costs for a poorly insulated home can be reduced by up to $1,500 a year with good insulation.
  • Heating/cooling costs for a moderately insulated home can be reduced by up to $750 a year with good insulation.
  • Heating/cooling costs can even be reduced by about $100 per year in a home thought to already have good insulation if said insulation is improved upon.

While it’s true that programmable thermostats, and door and window insulation in the winter can help your utility bills, these energy savings are typically only minimal compared to the return on investment you can get from insulation. Just think, if you pay $3,000 in utility bills each year and assume that about half – or $1,500 is spent on heating and cooling – you could be looking at eliminating up to $1,200 from your expenses (not to mention saving on wear and tear from your furnace and A/C continuously running).
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